Why you should listen to Midnight Masquerade by Asher Monroe

Asher Monroe‘s debut UK release Midnight Masquerade has made it on to BBC Radio 2’s playlist for the second week in a row. Something that makes us very happy here at TBH. Being on the playlist is a big deal it means the track will get played multiple times a day for that week which means many listeners will get to hear the song. He joins the likes of well-known artists in the UK such as Steps, Imelda May , London Grammar and Bruce Springsteen.

For those of you reading this thinking who is Asher Monroe well, we’ll tell you, so sit back, get comfy and prepare to fall in love with Asher and his music.

Asher is a hugely talented singer, songwriter, actor and director.

He started his career at a young age appearing on Broadway in Beauty and the Beast ( he played Chip.) He then went on to be the lead singer in the popular US boyband V Factory.

Asher then starred in the big-screen remake of Fame where he not only showed off his talent as an actor but sang on multiple songs for the film’s soundtrack.

His first love has always been music though. He learnt to play the piano from the age of 5 and has since taught himself to play a variety of instruments including the guitar, drums, and bass. 

He released his debut self written and produced album Inner Warrior in 2017 which quickly became one of our favourite albums released that year.

Asher is an artist keen to push his musical boundaries and often plays around with his sound, not defining himself to one specific genre, which always makes his music a fresh and interesting listen as you never know what to expect next from him as an artist.

He made his directorial debut directing his own short movie which showcased his own songs called The Book of Love.

He released Talk with God earlier this year which is a compilation of unreleased songs and songs he has previously released. Again it shows his versatility as an artist, his love for experimenting with different musical genres but most of all it showcased his skill as a songwriter and his deep-seated love and passion for all things music.

The release of Midnight Masquerade’, its release in the UK and the inclusion on BBC Radio 2 is all leading to Asher releasing his fourth studio album Windows of Time and second album release this year.

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