Dreams for our Daughters by Ruth Doyle is a beautiful picture book

Dreams for our Daughters is a lavish poetic picture book written by Ruth Doyle and illustrated by Ashling Lindsay

What hopes do you have for the future? Who do you long to become? This empowering book encourages young girls to become leaders unafraid to stand up for themselves and others. The world’s been waiting for them, and there’s so much to discover! Warm, loving rhymes and tenderly detailed illustrations help readers imagine the thousands of adventures up ahead. Each new day is a chance to become a keeper of kindness and a champion of change, an imaginative explorer who listens well and speaks the truth.

With an inspirational message, Dreams for our Daughters speaks of what it means to be a child in this challenging world. It’s a poetic introduction to what it means to be raised as a girl and the dazzling possibilities the world has to offer. It’s a book that brings home the message to the reader that you can be whoever you want to be.

The author Ruth Doyle trained as a nurse and studied social care but had always planned on becoming a writer, although first, she wanted to get a better understanding of people regardless of their age and walk of life, to further enrich her writing.

Dreams for our Daughters is a beautiful picture book that will delight both older and younger readers and will give them many exciting possibilities to discuss with each other.

 Dreams for Our Daughter

Dreams for our Daughters is out now via Andersen Press, you can get a copy here.