Let Us Prey is the chilling true story by David James Smith available exclusively on Audible

Let Us Prey is an incredible and chilling true story by David James Smith that looks at one of the most fascinating but bewildering murders of modern times. It’s available exclusively on Audible.

An incredible true story of evil in the heart of rural England

Ben Field was good looking, charming, and as a passionate student of English literature, he knew the power of words to seduce. When Ben arrived in the village of Maids Moreton in Buckinghamshire, sixty-nine-year-old Peter Farquhar found him irresistible. They set up home together and underwent a betrothal ceremony at a church. Peter changed his will to make Ben it’s beneficiary.

A year later Peter was dead.

Ben moved on to a neighbour in the same street, Ann Moore-Martin, who also fell helplessly in love with him. All the time Ben was setting her up to redraft her will so that he would benefit on her death.   

Remarkably Ben described in intimate detail his manipulations, perverse fantasies and desires in numerous journals and diaries, providing a unique insight into the mind of a killer.

This is an extraordinary story of corruption and evil within a seemingly cosy English middle-class setting. Combining the forensic attention to detail of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood with the rural whimsy of an Agatha Christie novel, Let Us Prey is an astonishing account of one of the most bewildering and fascinating murders of modern times.

Let Us Prey gives us a look into the life and mind of Ben Field one of the most chilling and manipulative murderers of modern times. Narrated by the author David James Smith, it features his own personal investigation of the case. Not only does it look at the life of Ben Field it gives readers an insight into the life of his victim.

If you like true crime that’s detailed, disturbing and gives you chills because of what’s discussed then this one is for you to add to your to-read list.

You can listen and download Let Us Prey here!

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