Utopia International has designed stylish and functional wallets

We are getting to that time of year where we casually begin to think of what we can get people for Christmas or are just looking to cheer ourselves up, and Utopia International are perfect for both.

Utopia International has the coolest philosophy which shines through in the gorgeous wallets they produce. “to base life on experiences, go where your heart takes you and with our functional stylish wallets & travel accessories you can go anywhere staying protected.

The wallets they make are amazing, they come in really lovely designs. They fit in your pocket and aren’t at all bulky, which is great if you usually carry a bag and don’t want to when you go out. They are the perfect alternative.

Utopia Wallet - Forged Carbon - RFID Minimalist Design

They have the added bonus of having RFID technology which means your card remains protected while in the wallet, reducing the chances of it being cloned.

Having being victims of it themselves Utopia International knows just how you can be left out of pocket. So they set about creating functional and stylish designs that their customers can use for any occasion while having the peace of mind their card was protected.

The company ships worldwide and their products are packaged beautifully and are extremely high quality.

With 9 varied designs which feature either a cash strap or a money clip. They have created a product which can be used every day, on nights out, for travelling for business which gives the user peace of mind.

You can found out more on their website and you can follow them on Instagram!

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