A Sunrise Over Bali by Sandy Barker is the romantic escape you really need

A Sunrise Over Bali is the latest release from author Sandy Barker. Sandy is a writer, traveller and hopeful romantic with a lengthy bucket list, and many of her travel adventures have found homes in her novels. She’s also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob.

Home is where the heart is . . .
When Jaelee Tan leaves her high-flying PR job in Miami for a sabbatical in Bali, the last thing she expects is for it to become permanent. But when her boss demands the trip be cut short, Jae does the only thing she can think of and quits on the spot.
With two months in Bali, a new group of friends and the gorgeous scenery and beaches, Jae is determined to make the most of her newfound freedom. And when she locks eyes with hunky Scot, Alistair, Jae wonders if she’ll lose her heart to more than just a Balinese sunrise.

A Sunrise Over Bali by Sandy Barker is a romantic escape that you really need to read. It will also very likely want to make you book the first flight you can to somewhere nice and warm.

Part of Sandy’s Holiday Romance series, it’s a book packed to the brim of friendship, love and laughter. The descriptions of Bali are so in-depth that you can vividly picture and it feels like you are there in person.

This is a book that allows you to escape the world totally and will leave you with a smile on your face.

You can get a copy here!

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