Why we need to respect Louis Tomlison and fellow Louies on his world Tour!

Louis Tomlinson and his Louies have waited literal years for him to take the stage on his world tour. Together they’ve weathered multiple date changes due to the covid pandemic, seen venues upgraded to larger capacities and watched in awe as nearly every date has sold out.

The demand to see Louis live is something unheard of. For every venue that holds two thousand fans, there is a live stream being done by a fan in attendance, which has twenty thousand clamouring to watch all his gigs in on the American leg of his world tour.

The world tour is a hugely special and symbolic moment for both Louis and his Louies who have looked forward to that unforgettable moment where they are in the same room, vibing off each other and just showing each other so much love and appreciation.

A collective moment of we made it through all the rough times and can now appreciate each other and the combined love for live music. Specifically hearing Louis sing live. Tracks he’s written and performed as part of One Direction, tracks from his first album, a sneak peek of what to expect from his second, and covers of songs from bands and artists Louis admires like Catfish and the Bottlemen and Kings of Leon.

The tour has had a couple of moments that threaten to make it an experience that both Louis and his Louies remember for the wrong reasons.

There have been multiple instances on the American leg where Louis and his band have had to stop the show to let security hand out water because fans in the pit area have become dehydrated. It’s ok to need to help and it’s wonderful that Louis and his team have tried to work out solutions to this, stopping shows and having water handed it out. What isn’t ok is fans in the pit not heeding his words or directions when he tells them to move and give people space or if they need water head the sides of the pit where security is waiting to hand it out. Time and again fans refused to listen scared to lose their spot, refused to help other fans who needed help.

There have also been things thrown on stage. Now, this isn’t acceptable, as throwing items on stage can cause injury. Be it by hitting Louis or his band, or their instruments causing them to break or even causing them to slip on stage. From phones to whiskey bottles and chicken nuggets, to the less harmful cuddly toys, to flags and flowers. Louis has spoken out multiple times on stage during the tour and asked fans attending to stop doing it.

Most recently he asked again at the Denver tour stop when a few fans persisted to keep throwing chicken nuggets at him, even after he asked them to stop. If you want to throw things go play a contact sport or go to one of those axe-throwing bars, don’t go to a live gig and ignore the artist who is performing and asking you to stop. We get it. You are excited to see him and you want to be noticed by Louis, but throwing things on stage, potentially causing injury to him, his band and the team working on the show and having Louis annoyed at you, is not the way to do it. It ruins the show not only for Louis but other Louies there.

This behaviour isn’t what Louies do. Louies are some of the kindest loveliest and most giving fans we’ve come across in the world of fandoms. They are not disrespectful people who act like they are taking part in a bar brawl and not a live music gig. Louies take their cues from their fave who like them is kind, generous, giving and who they have a wonderful relationship with built on love and mutual respect.

Sadly that relationship is being strained by a very small minority of fans who are ill-prepared to attend gigs as they cannot follow rules, who don’t seem to respect fellow Louies and even Louis himself. This behaviour has a negative impact on the entire fanbase as it reflects on every fan within it.

This tour is meant to be a celebration. A chance for everyone to come together and show Louis how proud they are of him.

So please if you are lucky enough to be attending a future tour date, go, have fun, meet fellow louies, bond over your favourite songs, scream and shout the lyrics of all the songs Louis sings back to him. Make him and other Louies feel loved and proud to be in that room with you.

Make this tour a wonderful memory for everyone. One you look back on in years to come and say, I was there. I went to Louis Tomlinson’s first world tour and I had the best experience I have ever had at a gig!

There are still some tickets left for a few shows on Louis’s world tour, you can find out more info and get merch here!