Simplify to Succeed by Garry Mansell is a must-read if you want to start your own business

Simplify to Succeed is the first book by author and businessman Garry Mansell.

For entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners ready to learn more, do more, build more, grow more and sell more. Garry Mansell specialises in helping entrepreneurs and business owners – from first-year start-ups to scalable, profitable, rapid growth seven-figure companies – achieve their objectives and meet their full potential. 

Simplify To Succeed is a straight-talking, conversational guide to the bumpy path of success for business owners and entrepreneurs by one of the UK’s finest. Mansell shares honest and practical answers to the most common questions he’s asked himself, his team and been asked by the many businesses he’s worked with over the past 40 years. Avoiding superfluous ‘management speak’ and ‘corporate babble’, instead using sound advice in plain language that is simple, understandable, proven and effective. Just how Garry likes to do business.

Simplify to Succeed is a book that anyone in business will find useful and helpful. No matter what stage your business is at, be it newly set up or successfully trading for many years it’s full of hints and tips that will help make your business even more successful.

It’s a book you can dip in and out of and one that will sit on your shelf for many years, always there if you need it. Extremely easy to read and understand, it’s a cumulation of Garry’s 40 years experience in business, his knowledge is the reader’s gain.

You can get a copy of Simplify to Succeed, here!