Singer/Songwriter Cian Ducrot Releases new single ‘All For You’ 

Singer/Songwriter Cian Ducrot has released his latest single ‘All For You’ via Polydor Records.

The haunting track with heartfelt lyrics explores themes of love, lust and heartbreak in a powerful and melodic way.

Speaking about the creative process ‘All For You’, the 24 years-old says “In total this song probably took the best part of a week to write and to get right. I wrote most of it on the piano in my living room but also a lot was written in my head as I went about my daily routine. I was trying to get every lyric and melody right. A lot of it came very naturally during my first sit down at the piano to write the song but finessing it after took some time. When it came to producing the song it was pretty easy as it’s very stripped back .”

Cian initially previewed a verse of the track on TikTok, which generated more than 4M views. As a result of its remarkable success, last week it was featured on ‘The Tonight Show’, where Jimmy Fallon and pop-rock star Joe Jonas performed their own improvised lyrics in a funny open verse challenge watched by over a million viewers.

‘All For You’ combines a sombre, melodious piano with Cian’s soulful voice. In total simplicity as always, Cian says about the meaning behind the lyrics ‘To be honest I’ve never liked quoting for my songs, I think the best thing I can say is to listen to the song and decide what it means to you’.

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