Lina Maxine has released her debut EP ‘ Mind Games’

Lina Maxine has released her debut EP ‘MInd Games’. Spanning six tracks exploring themes such as self-worth, romance and revenge, the EP includes previously released singles RUBIX, SHALL WE? and MANGO. 

The process of writing and recording  ‘Mind Games’ was a sort of cognitive intervention for Lina, as the world was falling apart. She hopes she can facilitate the important conversation about how music can be a tool for healing, and uniting people. 

Lina says of the release, “My EP ‘Mind Games’ is a collection of true stories from my life made into symbolic musical anecdotes. I hope that people listening can relate to some of the situations, feelings, or metaphors in my music. I have grown so much as an artist and as an individual from putting down lyric ideas to understanding the nitty-gritty of production and mix engineering. As I continue to nurture my own unique and recognisable sound, I will always refer back to this EP as my first sincere and unapologetic experiment.”

The London-based songstress and neurologist has also partnered with Other World, a leading Virtual Reality Experience venue in London, to launch the ‘Mind Games’ EP into the metaverse.

The collaboration saw them build a bespoke VR world that incorporates music from ‘Mind Games’ within the virtual space, giving fans the exciting opportunity to experience up to 6 immersive worlds. Lina also performed a stripped-back set with her band at the launch.

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