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Essential Content For All Real True Crime Fans

If you can’t resist a good true crime story, check out our pick of the very best content, below. 

My Favorite Murder 

The quintessential true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder has expanded over its 7 years of broadcasting to include not only stories of grizzly deaths and serial killers, but historical crime and survival. 

Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s friendship is one of the key aspects of this podcast as they not only bond over their love of true crime but get to know themselves and each other better along the way.

They even offer two episodes a week, with Thursday’s version being full length and focused on telling a true crime story, and Tuesday’s episode or minisode being shorter where they relay listeners’ stories of true crime, and at this point just about anything else back to the audience. 

Hollywood Park 

Not specifically a true crime book, but a memoir from The Airborne Toxic Event frontman Mikel Jollett, Hollywood Park is in equal measures fascinating and heartbreaking. Jollett begins his life born into the notorious Synanon cult and a large part of the book tells the story of him and his family trying to get free and adapt to the outside world. 

Jollett battles many challenges in the outside world, including his mother’s chaotic behavior, threats of common assault and worse from Synanon lackeys, drug addiction and a complicated relationship with his brother. It’s truly a fascinating and disturbing read. 

The Vanishing Triangle 

A true crime book that everyone should read, The Vanishing Triangle documents the strange case of missing women in the East of Ireland between 1980-1990. At least 10 women disappeared without a trace, and with no substantial clue left behind to investigate. Some people believe that this points to the work of a serial killer operating in the area at this time. 

Lady Killers With Lucy Worsley 

Focusing specifically on female historical killers, this English podcast is hosted by media royalty Lucy Worsley. The concept behind this show is to not only look at the crimes of the women it covers but also at the surrounding social and political conditions that could have contributed to their behaviours. 

Stories covered include those of Margaret Garner, an enslaved women who killed her children to protect them from the rape and abuse she herself had suffered at the hands of her master. Then there is Christiana Edmunds, whose delusional jealousy leads to murder via poisoned chocolates. Oh, and be sure not to miss the episode on Mary McKinnon, the stab-happy tavern owner. 

The Girlfriends 

Another podcast, this time from America The Girlfriends is the story of the ex-partners of Jewish Doctor, linguist and pilot Bierenbaum. While he sounds like a dream on paper, Bob has a dark past that includes his wife disappearing from their New York walk-up, never to be seen again, and a nasty temper. Did Bob kill his wife Gail Katz-Bierenbaum, a group of his ex-girlfriends provide their views on whether he is or is not capable of such a crime, and it’s a wild ride! 

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