Little Mix, Simple Skincare and Ditch The Label choose kindness

Little Mix has once again partnered with Simple Skincare for the brands choose kindness campaign. They have also teamed up with Ditch The Label for another year to further raise awareness about cyberbullying and online hate.

The Break-Up Song singers first teamed up with the skincare brand in 2018 to produce a range of skincare products and promote the choose kindness campaign.

The campaigns aims are to raise awareness of cyberbullying. To “wipe away unkind words.” As 1 in 3 teens in the UK have experienced cyberbullying online, and Ditch The Label, Simple and Little Mix wants to change that statistic.

Showing their commitment to the cause the band have signed up to promote the campaign every year since 2018. Choose Kindness is also supported by Ditch The Label, a global youth charity which helps support young people with the issues that affect them the most, bullying, mental health, identity and relationships.

The charity was created by Liam Hackett in 2012, but he began the idea in 2006 after he was hospitalised because a group of bullies from his school attacked him physically.

Ditch The Label started with a Myspace group, bringing people together to talk about their own experiences of bullying and creating a community, it has now become one of the world-leading charities for bullying and mental health for under 25’s.

They part-take in groundbreaking research that analyses bullying-related trends, behaviours and attitudes. As well as providing in-depth stats about bullying in the UK.

It is estimated that every minute at least 4 people benefit from the help and support Ditch The Label offers.

The girls have done a fantastic interview with Ditch The Label, where they discuss the campaign and their personal experiences with getting hate online.

DTL: What do you think can or should be done to deal with online abuse? How can we make the internet a more positive place? 

Perrie – ‘In real life, rather than online, if you see somebody in the street, you’d be more likely to compliment them than scream at them. We think a compliment goes a long way. We just believe in making people feel good about themselves. Instead of tearing somebody down and throwing negative stuff at them 24/7; pick them up and make them feel amazing! It’s the same online, reach out to people and let them know how great you think they are instead of being negative.’

Leigh Anne – ‘More needs to be done by other people to combat it too. Like there should be more moderation from platforms and stuff. And maybe bigger consequences for people that do it often, because the consequences for those that go through it can be huge, the biggest.’ 

Jade – ‘Yeah the effect that it has on people’s mental health can be massive, and there seems like there isn’t enough being done by everyone at the moment to stop it from happening. 

Little Mix talk to Ditch The Label about what can be done to combat online bullying

The Little Mix skincare range which forms part of the choose kindness campaign features biodegradable micellar wipes, oil-free eye make up remover and rich moisture sheet masks.

Little Mix Rich Moisture Sheet Mask

Little Mix Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes

Little Mix Micellar cleansing water

Little Mix Micellar cleansing water

Little Mix Moisturising Facial Wash

Little Mix Moisturising Facial Wash

Little Mix Hydrating Booster

Little Mix Hydrating Booster

Little Mix Under-eye Mask

Little Mix Under-eye Mask

The range is available via Superdrug and products available to buy from the range both in-store and online.

You can found more about the campaign here.

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