5 Reasons you need to try the Danielle Peazer Method

The Danielle Peazer Method is perfect for people who want work out but don’t necessarily like or have the time to go to the gym.

So we thought we’d give you 5 reasons that if you want to get in shape or just looking for a new work out routine that you should try the Danielle Peazer Method.

You can train like a dancer

The tagline for the Danielle Peazer method is: train like a dancer. Basically creator and founder Danielle Peazer was a dancer and she noticed a gap in the market, for people who don’t really have warm and fuzzy feelings for going to the gym. Danielle created a way to help tone the body in the same way a professional dancer does through a number of specially curated exercises.

The exercises are for all levels of fitness

DPM has free videos to suit all levels of fitness and ability. They cover all different areas of the body so there is something for everyone. They help people gain confidence and a real sense of achievement along the way.

Easy to fit in to your day to day life

DPM’s work outs are broken down in to various different groups and vary in length so they are super easy to fit in to your day to day life and you can do as little as much as you want depending on your schedule.

The workouts are really fun

DPM work outs are really fun to do. You always feel in control and Danielle guides you through all exercises really well so you know what you are doing. If you become a member of DPM60 for just a one off payment of £19.99, which is a guide that will help you stay focused and committed to your fitness routine, you will also receive other benefits such an exclusive members area on the website, Fitness Calendar and advice on nutrition to meet your goals. But you can still access a ton of free work outs and fitness advice on the site.

Celebs have used and love the Danielle Peazer Method

Celebs have used and loved the Danielle Peazer method. It’s all been named one of the best home work outs by British Vogue. Recently Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards in a now deleted Insta post Perrie praised Danielle and DPM for helping her feel more confident with photographers taking photos of her when she is unaware.

She wrote “‘I will never be able to control being photographed without being aware. I always dread post-holiday pics. I reached out to my girl @DaniellePeazer (very last minute [eye roll emoji]) before my holiday and she put me through my paces and I’m so thankful. Because for the first time, I didn’t cry, I didn’t pick myself apart and in the words of Elsa – I’m learning to “Let It Go!”.’

Danielle also returned the compliments with a heartfelt post to her Insta story about Perrie’s fitness journey using DPM.

Supportive: Danielle also posted about Perrie's fitness journey to her own Instagram Story, she admitted that she thought the star would 'bail after two days' due to her busy schedule

You can find out more about the Danielle Peazer Method and access all the free work out videos here.You all also follow DPM on Instagram

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