Purdy releases her fantastic new single “Loving You”

Purdy is back with her brand new single “Loving You”.’It was written by Purdy and arranged and produced by Andy Wright.

 Inspired by and written about Purdy’s first and last true love, the release coincided with National First Love Day. The heartfelt lyrics “I didn’t know anything about love, ‘til I met you and now I know everything about love for loving you” showcase Purdy’s sultry vocals while being complemented by a stunning instrument arrangement.

Speaking about the new track, Purdy says “I’ve written a lot of songs about heartache and the pursuit of true love, so it feels really good to sing a song that simply expresses the joy in discovering (for the first time) the meaning of IN love.” 

The release is accompanied by a beautiful video, shot at one of London’s most iconic jazz venues, 606 Club. It features the track performed live by Purdy with the help of Jamie McCredie, Dan Bingham, Oscar Golding, Quentin Collins, Brandon Allen at Echo Zoo with Christoph Skirl sound. Others from the musician family featuring in this video production include Tom Moore and Dan Western.

“Loving You” follows from her previous release, For All Time, which was Purdy’s first release since her beautiful cover of Frankie Valli’s classic, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. Purdy performed Can’t Take My Eyes Off You on the fourth season of Netflix hit, The Crown. In the sixth episode, Purdysings during the portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ first publicly filmed dance in 1983. Purdy’s version of the track can also be heard at the end of the episode during the credits.

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