A Beautiful Spy by Rachel Hore is a captivating read

A Beautiful Spy is the latest captivating read from author Rachel Hore which will have you gripped from the first page. She is the Sunday Times (London) bestselling author of ten novels, including The Love Child.

Minnie Gray is an ordinary young woman. She is also a spy for the British government.

It all began in the summer of 1928…

Minnie is supposed to find a nice man, get married and have children. The problem is it doesn’t appeal to her at all. She is working as a secretary but longs to make a difference.

Then, one day, she gets her chance. She is recruited by the British government as a spy. Under strict instructions not to tell anyone, not even her family, she moves to London and begins her mission – to infiltrate the Communist movement.

A Beautiful Spy is based on the life of a real-life spy Olga Gray. It’s an intense and intriguing read that is set over a number of years between 1928-1955. The main protagonist is a character who has her flaws but is extremely likeable and easy to connect to. Her life is unpredictable which makes for a suspense-filled read which keeps you turning the pages.

You can get a copy of A Beautiful Spy, here!

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