Stuff Happens by Tor Eigeland look at life behind the lens

Stuff Happens by Tor Eigleland is a look at life behind the lens and the stories the pictures tell from one of the media industry‘s best photojournalists.

In Stuff Happens Norwegian-born Tor looks back on a life packed with adventures, starting in 1947 when he set off from Oslo – aged just 16 – as a deckhand bound for Shanghai. His desire to travel and a keen sense of curiosity led him into photojournalism and a world of excitement and delights as well as moments of tension and fear.

Tor recalls stories he covered and tells anecdotes with warmth and compassion showing an engaging sense of humour and an ability to connect with an amazing cast of characters and cultures.

As former executive editor of National Geographic, Dennis Dimick, writes in the foreword: ‘Dispatched to the Algerian Sahara, Tor would feign tourist status, as despite intense diplomacy National Geographic couldn’t secure him a journalist visa due to political tensions. His fascinating, one-step ahead of secret police journey produced Chapter 31, which, like other chapters in this charming and vivid memoir, recalls surreptitious escapades, dangerous encounters, and more than a good bit of luck. What’s also memorable in Tor’s tale of life spent almost always in motion is his gift for encountering famous and infamous people: the King of Jordan, undercover Israeli spies, Fidel Castro, and author Norman Mailer, among many.’

Illustrated with over 250 photographs, Stuff Happens shows the power of using an image to tell a story: “Sometimes, when I get a really good shot, I can feel it, like getting goosebumps”, Tor says. “How did this happen, I ask myself, how was I so lucky to be here?”

Stuff Happens is a fantastic and insightful read. It allows you to see life behind the lens and through the eyes of photojournalist Tor Eigeland who captured the images. In a varied, long and successful career, Tor has captured some astonishing images, and this book is packed full of them and tells the stories behind them. As the saying goes a photo is worth 1000 words and this book showcases that beautifully. It’s a wonderful book.

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