Misadventures in the Screen Trade by Alison Ripley Cubitt is a must-read for film fans

Misadventures in the Screen Trade is the latest book from author and producer Alison Ripley Cubitt. It’s the honest and rather interesting story of Alison’s own career. Alison left New Zealand with an arts degree and the ability to make a white sauce without a recipe, carry three plates at once and ride a horse (though not at the same time). Before writing memoirs, non-fiction and screenplays, she received an MA in Scriptwriting from the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University. She lives in a world of her own with her trophy husband. On occasion they co-write thrillers, writing as Lambert Nagle.

In this entertaining true tale of the reality of working in the cutthroat world of show business, Alison shares the highs-and-lows of chasing bold goals. Navigating a patriarchial industry with wit and determination, her straight-to-the-point style will have you laughing out loud, and in awe of her courage.

Misadventures in the Screen Trade is a dazzling peek into one woman’s climb from rural New Zealand to Tinseltown. If you like fiery heroines, self-deprecating humour, and insightful tales from backstage, then you’ll love this spirited memoir.

Misadventures in the Screen Trade is one of the most interesting career memoirs we have read in a long time. It features many topics we love finding out more about. From Hollywood to breaking into the TV/Film industry and to what exactly goes on behind the scenes on TV shows and films.

Alison doesn’t hold back, it will make you laugh, it will make you think as you get a glimpse into the not so glamorous screen world. It packs a punch and is well worth a read if you are like us and love knowing about jobs in the industry and things that go on behind the cameras that you wouldn’t normally consider.

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