Blue Say ‘ Dance With Me’ with their latest track

Blue is getting us very eager to hear their upcoming studio album ‘Heart and Soul’, with the release of the latest teaser track from it ‘Dance With Me’ which is out Tag8 Music/BMG.

‘Dance With Me’  sees them cover a favourite from back in the day in the shape of 112’s flirtatious 2001 R&B classic. Describing the choice and why the link to the past, Blue add “It was a song we used to listen to in the car before every gig. It’s a nod back to what we were known for in the early 00s. Everything just seemed to fit into place as we were recording and we thought it was important to show the identity of Blue and what we’re about. The R&B feel and the soulful vocals has always been a catalyst for us and was important to have a bit of throwback on the album.”

 Heart & Soul. is the band’s sixth studio album. It is a celebration of everything that made the band special during their heyday, it’s an album that both nods to the past while pushing things forward.

It features tracks like ‘Dance With Me’ and their first single, ‘Haven’t Found You Yet’, the band tear through an instantly classic-sounding banger that nods to everyone from Justin Bieber to recent Coldplay. The single is currently the 2nd most played song on BBC’s Radio 2 and the 10th most played song across the UK airwaves.

Set for release in September and features ten tracks of not only cheeky, playful pop bangers and huge dancefloor moments but also continues Blue’s penchant for aching ballads and swooning mid-tempos. 

Heart & Soul can be pre-ordered now by visiting and will be available on CD, Vinyl and Cassette, as well as on all digital platforms. Sign up here to be the first to hear the latest news on Heart & Soul.

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