Asher Monroe announces his new album ‘Windows of Time’

Asher Monroe has finally announced the news his fans have been waiting for: the release date for his album Windows of Time’, which will be released on 13 July.

 Packed with hushed drama, rich instrumentation, and colossal choruses, ‘Windows of Time’ sees Asher’s artistry mature into a sound that feels utterly timeless.

Lyrically, ‘Windows of Time’ is soul-baring and weaves a spiritual thread throughout its tracks while Asher speaks to his passions as well as his personal life, becoming a father for the first time and his relationship with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Diana Jenkins.

“I wrote all the lyrics for the album in Croatia over a span of 3 months. I locked my phone in a safe, read the entire Old Testament, jumped into the sea every day, and acted as a channel for whatever inspiration led to be,” shares Asher on his creative process behind ‘Windows of Time’.

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He continues, “I treated this album like it was the last one I would ever make. The vocals, production, and songwriting had to be on a very high level that I had never pushed myself to do on prior projects. My intention on making this body of work was not to chase trends or fit in with the current sound. I wanted to create something unique, special, and timeless. Focusing on songwriting, storytelling and intricate sounds were of utmost importance.”

The forthcoming 8-track LP, produced by Walter Afanasieff is an introspective journey of songs about never giving up and living life without fear. Windows of Time will feature Asher’s previously released singles including the cinematic and alluring Midnight Masquerade,” a sincere portrayal of the corruption of power and narcissism we see throughout the world and Try Me” 

Windows of Time Track Listing:

1. Story of a Bird

2. Wanderlust

3. Try Me

4. The Golden Road

5. Season in the Sun

6. Midnight Masquerade

7. A Rose Amidst the Thorns

8. Why Do You Love Me

You can pre-save it here! And don’t forget to watch Asher on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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