Unjust Bias by Liz Mistry will draw you in and keep you hooked

Unjust Bias is the latest novel by author Liz Mistry. It is the eighth book in the D.I Gus McGuire series.

A murdered boy disowned by his family.

A teen terrified his past will catch up with him.

A girl with nowhere to go.

Men with rage so visceral they will do anything

With the unsolved murder of a homeless boy still preying on his mind, DI Gus McGuire is confronted with a similar murder, a missing teen and no clues.

Does the answer lie with an illegal dark website where ‘slaves’ are auctioned off? Or with an online forum for teens?

How can Gus keep people safe when unjust bias rears its head and being different could cost you your life…?

Unjust Bias is part of a series but is one of the strongest stand-alone books we have read. From the first page, you are drawn into the horrific story which includes a wonderful cast of characters that are all so well written, some you will love and some you will absolutely loath.

Liz Mistry deals with very current and important subjects masterfully and with sensitivity. It’s a fantastic read.

You can get a copy here!

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