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Dress code guidelines for attending a book launch

A book launch can be formal or informal, depending on an author’s preferences. In other situations, a big-budget author with an entire PR team decides on the formality of the event. However, no matter who plans it, the most important thing is to look the part. According to Wikipedia, the UK publishes about 188,000 books annually, scoring third on the global scale. If you are an avid reader, there is an increased chance of attending book launches. Here are some guidelines on the dress code. 

  1. Express individuality in your clothing choice

It is vital to be assertive in your clothing choice. Expressing individuality means you want your personality to show through your ensemble. Another key feature of expressing individuality is to look unique. You will defeat the purpose of expressing individuality if you imitate another person’s style. The closest you may come to is having some similarities, but that’s where it ends. When defining your style, there is always an opportunity to be creative.

However, it helps to remember that it is a book launch, and overdoing it may not be ideal. Sometimes, a book launch may have a specific dress code. This is usually characteristic of formal launches that include personalised invitations. In this case, the stated dress code takes dominance, but you still get to express your individuality in subtle and unique ways.

  1. Dress in support of the book theme

This will be one way to flatter the author at the book launch. However, you may want to restrict this to only informal events. Such casual programmes are often relaxed, and there are no specific dress codes. Therefore, if the book theme is set around the 1920s through to the 70s, it would be a great idea to purchase vintage clothing. You also have the option to show support for the theme by highlighting specific elements in your ensemble.

It could be a scarf, a themed tie (for an informal book launch), or any other feature that adds meaning to your clothing. The best place would be at the book launch party or the signing. You will have an opportunity to meet the author and show support for their chosen theme.

  1. Be mindful of distracting colours

The safest bet would be choosing clothing with neutral shades that don’t distract others from the event. Black, grey, navy, and white are hues you can never go wrong with. Whether casual or formal attire, remember that the simplicity of colours allows you to blend in. This in no way contradicts expressing your individual style. You can still do this in a way that isn’t too distracting.    

This is no different from respecting the bride by being mindful of your colours at a wedding. The idea is to avoid taking attention away from the author or the brain behind the book launch. The focus is on the book or books being launched on the day. Although you have the freedom to express individuality in colours, overdoing it can be distracting.

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