The Bride by John Nicholl is a jaw-dropping psychological thriller

The Bride is the latest release from best-selling author John Nicholl. John is the author of numerous psychological thrillers and detective series inspired by his real-life experience as an ex-police officer and child protection social worker.

She’s on trial for murder… Now it’s her turn to tell her story…

The truth is that I loved James with my whole heart. We were soulmates: meant to be together forever. On the morning of our wedding, I had just found out I was carrying his child.

But it’s time to tell my side of the story. It’s time everyone knew what happened on that wedding day, on our honeymoon, and on that fateful last drive together. It’s time everyone found out about the secrets and about the threat that loomed over our marriage. It’s time everyone found out who really killed James.

And I need everyone to believe me. To believe I’m not a killer. Because if they don’t, then my baby won’t just have no father…she’ll have no mother

The Bride is a jaw-dropping thriller that will leave you open mouthed with the ending. It’s a fast paced, tense read that grips you from the very first page.

One thing that stands out with The Bride is Daisy is not the most reliable of narrators, she might be telling her story but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is tell the truth, just her truth which could be different from what happened. Daisy being like this adds many interesting layers to the story that keeps you wanting to read more.

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