The Birdcage Library by Freya Berry is a spell binding and mesmerising read

The Birdcage Library is the second novel from one our favourite authors Freya Berry. Freya released her debut novel The Dictators Wife in 2022. It was shortlisted for the Authors’ Club First Novel Award, a pick for the BBC’s flagship book show Between The Covers, and The New European’s novel of the year.

1932. Emily Blackwood, a young adventuress and plant hunter, travels north for a curious new commission. A gentleman has written to request she catalogue his vast collection of taxidermied creatures before sale.

On arrival, Emily finds a ruined castle, its owner haunted by the memory of a woman who disappeared five decades before. And when she discovers the ripped pages of an old diary, crammed into the walls, she realises a dark secret lies here, waiting to entrap her too…

The Birdcage Library is an absolute triumph. It hooks you from the first sentence, drawing you in to this intricately layered world. with a mysterious and twisted plot that just begs you to keep reading.

What makes The Birdcage Library so mesmerising is how Freya artfully and seamlessly blends real life historical events with fiction and complex, flawed characters who you just get to keep peeling the layers back on. Every word, every sentence has a meaning and a purpose within the story, the amount of research Freya has done to carefully craft the world of The Birdcage Library can be seen on every page. It draws you in and captivates you entirely.

You can get a copy here!

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