The Dictator’s Wife by Freya Berry is one of the best releases of 2022

The Dictator’s Wife is the stunning debut novel by author Freya Berry. And it’s easily one of the best releases of 2022, so far.

‘I am not my husband. I am innocent. Do you believe me?’

The beautiful, enigmatic wife of a feared dictator stands trial for her late husband’s crimes against the people. The world will finally know the truth. But whose?

I learned early in life how to survive. A skill that became vital in my position.

I was given no power, yet I was expected to hold my own with the most powerful man in the country.

My people were my children. I stood between him and them.

I am not the person they say I am.
I am not my husband.
I am innocent.

Do you believe me?

The Dictators Wife is a stunning and unputdownable debut novel from author Freya Berry. It’s a read that pulls you in and before you know it you’ve reached the last page and you’ve read the entire thing in one sitting.

It’s a book that oozes charm, lures you in plays with your mind and then when you think you’ve got a read on  Marija, you realise you really haven’t. Marija and Laura’s relationship is full of many layers and is intriguing to read.

Much like Abigail Dean’s Girl A, The Dictator’s Wife is a book that is so original that it will live in your consciousness for a long long time after you’ve read it. It is one that you will find yourself recommending to everyone and will stay on your bookshelf for many years.

You can get a copy here!

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