The Alewives by Elizabeth R. Anderson is a fun and cosy listen

The Alewives is the new audiobook by Elizabeth R. Anderson that is read by Ella Lynch.

Although she spent many years of her life as a journalist, independent fashion designer, and overworked tech employee, there have always been two consistent loves in Elizabeth R. Andersen’slife: writing and history. She finally decided to put them both together and discovered her true love

Colmar, 1353 CE

Gritta, Appel, and Efi managed to survive the Black Death, only to find that they are in desperate need of money. With limited options and lots of obstacles, they band together to become alewives-brewing and selling ale in the free Alsatian town of Colmar. But when an elderly neighbour is discovered dead in her house, the alewives cannot convince the sheriff and the town council that her death wasn’t an accident, it was murder. As the body count piles up, the ale flows and mystery is afoot

!Set in the tumultuous years after the most devastating pandemic the world has ever experienced, The Alewivesis a playful romp through a dark time, when society was reeling from loss a grieving population attempted to return to normal, proving that with the bonds of love, friendship, and humor, the human spirit will always continue to shine.

We usually struggle with audiobooks if they are really long as they don’t often hold our attention. The Alewives is a lovely length, it’s a cosy and intriguing story. It’s vivid and rich in historical detail. Ella’s narration compliments the story and fully immerses you in the exciting medieval world.

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