Charisma Carpenter to release her memoir

Actress Charisma Carpenter is writing her memoir. The former Buffy and Angel star has teamed up with Fearless Literary to write her story which is tentatively entitled Fighter.

Her partnership with Fearless is extremely interesting as they will periodically be offering snippets from the memoir as the work on it progresses, inviting readers to give their opinions and feedback on the novel.

The first extract, details Charisma as a teenager and her relationship with her father, which during this particular extract was pretty strained as she blamed him for having to move to Mexico and having to commute an hour and a half daily to go to school in Southern California.

It’s highly personal and a taste of what readers can expect when the book is finished. Having had a long and hugely successful career within the entertainment industry, Charisma with Buffy and Angel, playing the character of Cordelia Chase, established herself as a household favourite for pop culture lovers and fans of attending events like comic con.

Many were extremely upset and disheartened by how her character’s story ended on Angel after a collective 7-8 years playing the role, we have long agreed that Cordelia Chase deserved better.

Charisma last reunited with the cast of Angel to celebrate it’s anniversary which delighted fans.

What is lovely about Charisma’s career is she has never been typecast in roles, Playing a variety of characters in shows such as Charmed, Veronica Mars and The Lying Game. She is currently set to have a reoccurring role in season 2 of Pandora.

You can read the extract from Charisma Carpenters upcoming novel, here.