Lottie Tomlinson opens up about grief to help others

Lottie Tomlinson has been opening up about losing both her Mum and sister and how she deals with her grief in a candid and open interview with Sister Magazine. who have teamed up The Grief Network for the 11th issue of the Zine to shine the spotlight on grief.

Having previously spoken about grief for the Sue Ryders #JustSaySomething national campaign. She is once again speaking candidly about a topic close to her heart, in order to help others, encouraging them to open up so they do not feel alone in their grief.

In the new issue of Sister Magazine  Lottie has once again opened up about the subject close to the heart, hoping that by sharing her own personal experience, it encourages others to open up and starts the conversation that it’s ok to speak about grief and the feelings you have about losing someone you love.

In the interview, she talks about how starting her company Tanologist was a part of her coping mechanism and how launching it was such a proud moment for her.

 “I’ve tried to positives in the situation. It took me a while to get there, of course. But I see myself lucky because I had an amazing mum for 18 years, and I had an amazing sister too, and now they are together. It feels like they were meant to be together. Everything I do work-wise I credit my mum for that. I definitely wouldn’t be where I was without her. Starting Tanologist has been really a bit part of my coping mechanism. Launching it was such a proud moment.” – Lottie Tomlinson-  Sister Magazine 2020.

Sister Magazine teamed up with The Grief Network for this issue of their magazine.

The Grief Network was founded by Rachel Wilson after she lost her Mum in 2018 when Rachel was just 26 years old.  It is a network of young people in their 20s and 30s who are experiencing grief and who meet periodically in London. This group provides space for grieving young adults to share their stories and gives them a sense of community.

“I started The Grief Network after I lost my mum in 2018 when I had just turned 26. There was seemingly no support tailored towards young people – you were either a child or an adult.

I was too old to be in a child’s support group of course, but I didn’t feel like sitting around with people who were 50 or 60, being reminded of all the decades I’d never get to spend with my mum.

Grief is, of course, valid however old you are, but I just desperately wanted to meet someone my own age who’d been through something similar so I didn’t feel like such an anomaly – I didn’t know anyone else it had happened to in their twenties.

So The Grief Network is a community for people who have been bereaved at a young age (in their late teens/twenties/thirties) – we provide a space for young people to meet others who have been bereaved, and we run events that challenge the stereotypes around grief, as well as trying to better represent what it’s like to experience grief when you’re young, and how it evolves throughout your life.

Rachel Wilson- Founder of The Grief Network

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To find out more about The Grief Network click here.

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