Louis Tomlinson is just like you and you should listen to him

In 2018 Louis Tomlinson released a track titled Just Like You. It wasn’t a single, it was a track just for his fanbase. He was telling them he was just like them. The accompanying lyric video for the track was nothing short of genius. It highlighted just how aware and educated Louis is on subjects that matter to and affect not only his own fanbase but the world at large.

Featuring numerous newspaper clippings which were extremely topical and relevant to his life and his fans, to create the lyrics. The video was a masterpiece designed to highlight just one important message. Louis Tomlinson is Just Like You.

Louis went on to further solidify that message when he released his debut album Walls at the beginning of 2020. 12 tracks which told a story. His own personal one. It chartered his growth within an often harsh and brutal industry, that is known to creatively stifle artists in favour of larger profit margins. The album was Louis clarifying his earlier statement, that he is Just Like You. Throughout the highly autobiographical album, he uses many points of reference his loyal fanbase will know such as Princess Park in Habit and Always You where he talks about places he’s visited.

For the fans, it’s always been Louis Tomlinson since 2010. There devotion and love for the Donny native has never wavered nor faltered no matter the derision they’ve faced on social media.

Louis has always been the underdog and he likely always will be. In One Direction as he openly admits he was the one that got no solo’s on the X-Factor, he struggled to find his place. Yet he did. He became the fan favourite, the one they all championed. He became one of the band’s core writers, helping to redefine and shape the band’s musical offerings from the third album, creating some of the most played 1D tracks.

He went to back to the X-Factor as a judge, his down to earth personality, his fair and constructive criticism garnering him positive praise from the general public watching the show, who connected with him because he was just like them, despite his popularity because of the band, he remembers his roots, an avid and vocal supporter of his hometown Doncaster, of his fans, of his friends and family. He’s remained humble and grounded and that is something money cannot buy.

No chart position will ever be able to justify what it is that makes Louis Tomlinson someone you should listen to. His lyrics are relatable, motivational and inspirational, his voice unique and emotive. His stage presence, he commands respect on stage, no gimmicks, no fancy costumes. It’s just him and his band playing good music. It’s him and room full of fans getting lost in the music.

To Louis all fans are equal, you buy a CD, you stream his album or you go to 10 shows. To him it doesn’t matter, he just appreciates the support they choose to give his professional endeavours. When it comes down to it Louis could get 20 number 1’s and he’d still remain true to himself and be just like you and me.


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