Harris Reed launches the Dead-Stock Collection

Fluid designer Harris Reed has launched the Dead-Stock collection. The designers latest collection his first ever to be featured in an E-store on his website.

Harris is a designer whose powerful designs captivate and inspire those who wear it. A firm believer in fashion having no gender, Harris’s clothes are gender fluid and look absolutely gorgeous on any individual who wears his work.

Much like Chanel Joan Elkayam, Harris is also a 2020 graduate of Central St Martens, and he too has made his mark and name for himself in the fashion world, both are firm believers in making the world of fashion more inclusive.

Harris has designed clothes for and has had garments worn by Harry Styles, who wore a lot of the designers clothing on his last world tour, after being introduced to Harris by his stylist Harry Lambert. Both Harris and Harry Styles also featured in a Gucci campaign together, which they shot on location in Italy. All of this while Harris was still studying for BA qualification. It’s easy to see why everyone is eager to work with the designer and what he will do next.

Harris’s new collection is an embodiment of who the designer is. There are 14 pieces in the exclusive and limited edition collection, all hand made in London. Each individual piece is personally dedicated and named after Harris’s friends and those who have inspired and helped him throughout his life.

The Harry
The Harris
The Lou
The Ashley

You can shop Harris Reed’s latest collection here.

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