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Harris Reed’s Debut Demi Couture Collection is Beautiful

Harris Reed creates beautiful clothes. We’ve known that for a while. But the release of the designer’s debut demi-couture collection proves it.

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The british- american designer debuted the collection at London’s first-ever gender-fluid fashion week. With six exquisite and beautiful designs.

All the pieces are handmade by Harris and the absolutely amazing team that help bring the designers ideas to life, using a mix of new and upcycled fabrics. The wedding dress look took over two weeks for Harris and his team to make, the basis of the design came from a dress that Harris found in a charity shop.

The collection showcases Harris’s skill and the passion and belief that the gender-fluid designer has that clothes are a way for people to express themselves regardless of gender. and it’s an absolutely beautiful collection. We love the look on the bottom row in the middle. The colours, the way the tuille flows….. Just everything about it,

Let us know your favourite look from Harris’ debut demi-couture collection on @TBHONEST_UK!

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