Marieke Nijkamp’s Even If We Break Is A Thrilling Read

Even If We Break by #1 New York Times bestselling author  Marieke Nijkamp is an utterly thrilling and unputdownable read.

For five friends, this was supposed to be one last getaway before going their separate ways—a chance to say goodbye to each other, and to the game they’ve been playing for the past three years. But they’re all dealing with their own demons, and they’re all hiding secrets.

Finn doesn’t trust anyone since he was attacked a few months ago. Popular girl Liva saw it happen and did nothing to stop it. Maddy was in an accident that destroyed her sports career. Carter is drowning under the weight of his family’s expectations. Ever wants to keep the game going for as long as they can, at all costs.

When the lines between game and reality start to blend with deadly consequences, it’s a race against time before it’s game over—forever.”

Even If We Break captures your attention as a reader from the first page drawing you into the story and the characters lives.

The story is told from five unique POV’s Ever, Finn, Liva, Carter and Maddy, each of them with their own secrets and flaws. All the characters have multiple layers and are complex, which adds more layers to the story and makes it all feel very real.

Each character added something to the plot and had their own distinct personality, Marieke successfully created a diverse cast who any reader would be hard pressed to find one of them they didn’t relate to on some level.

Autism, chronic pain, chronic illness were all highlighted fantastically within the story. Marieke is passionate about representation within YA books so is known to weave in subjects that often do not get spoken about. The inclusion of subjects that are often overlooked can sometimes feel as if it’s just an author ticking boxes. This not the case with any of Marieke’s writing. Especially in Even If We Break, every subject included wholly enhances the story and makes the characters feel so much more real and easier to connect with.

Even If We Break is a book you need to clear your schedule to read, as it’s so hard to put down once you start. It compels you to turn the pages and keep reading to find out what happens next!

Even If We Break is out 15 September via Source Books and you can get a copy here!

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