Beth Does Beauty has Become an Ambassador for Lupus UK

Founder of Beth Does Beauty Beth Smith has become an ambassador for the charity Lupus UK.

Beth was diagnosed with a form of lupus called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, which is also known as SLE for short, at 18 years old in 2015 during her first year of University.

There are 4 kinds of lupus, systemic lupus, neonatal lupus, drug-induced lupus and cutaneous lupus but Systemic Lupus accounts for about 70% of all cases of lupus.

During the diagnosis process, Beth came across Lupus UK, it was through the organisation’s vast resources she discovered more about having Lupus such as while lupus can’t be cured it can be successfully managed with the right combination of medications. 

She has regularly used her online platform to talk about and raise awareness of Lupus. From how it affects on a day-to-day basis when she has flare-ups, and how side effects from finding the right combination of medication affect her.

Lupus UK saw some of her content and asked her to write an article for their website on  Lupus and Self Confidence, they went on to publish her work in the magazine they have. It was the start of things to come.

In 2020 Beth became the poster girl for Lupus UK as they used an image she had uploaded on Reddit for a campaign. They asked her to come up with a tagline, “Lupus is only part of my story” is what she chose, an inspiring and motivating quote for others with the condition, as well as a reminder to those who know little about Lupus that it’s only part of peoples story.   The campaign, aimed to shed light on the multifaceted lives of individuals with lupus, emphasising that the disease is just one aspect of their identity.

Over the years Beth has done charity streams on Twitch to raise awareness and funds for Lupus UK. She has regularly posted about them on her Beth Does Beauty social media accounts. These events raise crucial funds and foster a sense of community and solidarity among those affected by the disease.

What makes Lupus UK’s choice to have Beth as an ambassador is her commitment to showing all sides of living with a chronic illness, her posts largely showcase a positive mindset and do not shy away from days when she is struggling. It’s an inspirational choice that will resonate with many.

You can follow Beth on her socials, here. And find out more about Lupus UK, here!

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