Zoe Miller’s The Perfect Sister will make you question your own sibling bonds

The Perfect Sister by Zoe Miller is an unputdownable read that will really make your question your bond with your own siblings.

Once inseparable, years of resentment and jealousy have driven Alice and Holly apart. But, though they barely speak these days, Alice knows her sister is hiding something.

When she hears that a discovery at a soon-to-be-demolished apartment building has led police to re-open an ‘accidental death’ case, Alice thinks nothing of it. She’s distracted by a recent chance encounter with a charismatic man named Damien, and the possibility of romance when she had given up all hope. Until someone knocks at her door, with questions about Holly.

Alice doesn’t believe her sister is capable of involvement in anything so sinister. But when she tries to contact Holly, she can’t be reached…

Forced to dig through the past in order to uncover the truth, Alice starts to uncover years of Holly’s secrets – and to doubt her innocence. As the evidence mounts up, Alice has a choice to make: does she want to help her sister clear her name, even if the price is her own future with Damien?

thriller; compelling; mystery; sisters

The Perfect Sister a psychological thriller that keeps you on your toes with its pace and the fantastic dialogue between characters, you feel as if you are in the book.

Zoe Miller manages to keep the tension so taut and believable as she explores the dynamic between the two sisters and years of secrets that one has kept and the consequences of the truth being known.

You can get a copy of The Perfect Sister, here.

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