Liam Payne is promising a spooktacular LP Show for Halloween with Tom Felton

Liam Payne has announced the third show in his LP Show series and it promises to be a spooky spectacular especially for Halloween.

It will feature special guests including Harry Potter star Tom Felton as well as many more surprises to come.

So far Liam’s LP show’s have been a huge success with tickets selling out. They are great mix of Liam performing much loved tracks and him answering questions that fans send in. The last one he did was on his birthday, which was a super thoughtful gesture on his part, that he wanted to spend his birthday working and performing for his fans.

Liam posted a hilarious promo for the live stream which he does in partnership with Veep, which sees him already dressed up in a halloween costume as a Knight, struggling to get out of a car and on to set.

What we’ve loved about Liam’s LP Shows so far is how chilled and relax they’ve been. It’s just Liam doing what he loves, singing and performing and interacting with his fans.

We cannot wait to see what Liam has in store for fans on this Halloween show.

You can get tickets here.