Number 10 by CJ Daugherty is a book you will find hard to put down

Number 10 is the latest gripping release from C J Daugherty it’s a spin-off from the hugely popular Night School series.

Number 10 tells the spine-tingling story of 16-year-old Gray Langtry, the daughter of the UK’s female prime minister, who is about to get in way over her head.

After a wild night with friends is splashed across the tabloids, Gray is grounded for two weeks at Number 10 Downing Street, no ifs no buts.

Left alone one night, with her mother at an important meeting, Gray discovers a secret network of government tunnels leading from 10 Downing Street to the Houses of Parliament and beyond.  What starts as a bit of fun, suddenly gets serious, when Gray stumbles across a secret late night cabinet meeting and overhears what sounds like a Russian-led plot to kill her mother.

Wasting no time, she rushes back to inform her mother’s security detail, but with no proof of what she heard, no-one will believe a wayward teenager. Now, it’s up to Gray to break out of Number 10 and warn her mother before it’s too late.

With the help of her best friend Chloe and love interest Jake McIntyre – who just happens to be the son of the leader of the opposition – will she make it in time to save her mother?  And what will she have to sacrifice in the process?

CJ Daughtery’s Night School series would easily make the list of top 20 favourite books, so we are extremely excited to be asked by the lovely team at Midas PR to be part of the blog tour for her latest release Number 10 and we can safely say Number 10 would know also make the list, we loved it!

Number 10 is set in the same world as the Night School books, but it stands on its own as an utterly gripping novel. We could not put it down we read it in one sitting and ended up having to have a very late dinner as we didn’t want to stop until we’d finished reading it.

Gray Langtry is one of the strongest female protagonists with a unique and distinct voice that makes her instantly relatable. You get swept away in her story from the first page and end up understanding her way of thinking even when she has crazy and impulsive ideas.

Number 10 is fast-paced, a lot happens with many twist and turns. You accompany Gray on a politically charged adventure, where her life and those she loves is at stake. The political elements of this book really relevant and topical so it made it a very interesting read. We look forward to reading more of Gray’s adventures. It would also make an absolutely amazing TV series or movie ( Hi Netflix)!

You can get a copy of Number 10 here.

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