Mine by Alison Knight oozes passion and will break your heart

Mine by Alison Knight is a domestic drama set in 1960s London based on real events in her family. She is the only person who can tell this particular story. Exploring themes of class, ambition and sexual politics, Mine shows how ordinary people can make choices that lead them into extraordinary situations.

Alison has been a legal executive, a registered childminder, a professional fund-raiser and a teacher. She has travelled the world – from spending a year as an exchange student in the US in the 1970s and trekking the Great Wall of China to celebrate her fortieth year and lots of other interesting places in between.

In her mid-forties Alison went to university part-time and gained a first-class degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and an MA in the same subject from Oxford Brookes University, both while still working full-time. Her first book was published a year after she completed her master’s degree.

“What’s mine, I keep.”

London, 1968.

Lily’s dreams of a better life for her family are shattered when her teenage daughter refuses to give up her illegitimate child. It doesn’t help that Lily’s husband, Jack, takes their daughter’s side.

Taking refuge in her work at a law firm in the City, Lily’s growing feelings for her married boss soon provides a dangerous distraction.

Will Lily be able to resist temptation? Or will the decisions made by these ordinary people lead them down an extraordinary path that could destroy them all?

Mine is a suspense-filled read that will break your heart. It’s a vivid and honest portrayal of life in the ’60s. Based on real events that happened to Alison Knights family.

Mine is a hard book to put down once you start it. Alison does a fantastic job of telling the story all sides of it and being extremely neutral. Which given her ties to the plot must have been a hard thing to do. Because of the way the story is told, you understand fully the implications of each character’s choices and why they ultimately make the choices they do. You see the effect their choices have on those around them. Mine is a well-rounded story that oozes passion and is well worth adding to your to-read list.

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