Happy Birthday, Zayn! A look at some of the fan art he has inspired

To celebrate Zayn Malik‘s birthday we thought we’d pay homage the exceptionally creative Vibez singer/songwriter by taking a look at some of the amazing fan art he’s inspired his fans to create.

Zayn has never hidden his passion for the arts, be it drawing, painting, grafitti art. And he’s regularly praised fans who have shown him work they’ve done that he has inspired in some way. So we thought we’d celebrate both Zayn’s birthday and some of his exceptionally talented fans.

We love this digital art of him and how it also shows his love for Harry Potter.

This one incorporates some of Zayn’s songs and his love of Graffiti art!

Celebrating both his birthday and the Vibez video is what we are here for.

The detail in this piece is absolutely stunning!

This piece of Fan art was for Zayn’s single ‘Better’ and we love how vivid the artist managed to get his eyes in this one.

A really cool interpretation of the art work for Zayn’s upcoming third album Nobody Is Listening.

We love this it’s from the music video for Vibez and we think it captures the music video perfectly.

This piece of fan art was completed in just two days which is extremely impressive.

This piece is absolutely breaktaking.

As is this one….. this is just beautiful.

Let us know your favourite pieces of fan art on Twitter!

Don’t forget to pre-order Zayn’s upcoming album Nobody is Listening, here.

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