Extract: Stolen Kisses with Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier

Stolen Kisses with her Billionaire Boss is the latest release from author Susan Meier via Harlequin Romance/Mills and Boon.

Susan Meier is a lover of a great story and a fabulous turn of phrase. What better home for her than Mills and Boon where stories touch the heart? She found her bliss when Harlequin published her first book and hasn’t looked back. A mom of three and wife to the best guy on the planet, she loves reading almost as much as writing, and thanks to the heavens for the internet and YouTube which have made research so much fun. And Stolen Kisses with her Billionaire Boss is certainly a fun read.

Christmas has arrived…

And she’s spending it with her boss! New Yorker Erin is intrigued when Hugo Harrington asks for her help on a hotel renovation in London, just weeks before Christmas! But Erin soon discovers how personal this project is to her brooding boss. Watching him wrestle with the memories of his past uncovers a side to Hugo she’s never seen. And then a stolen snowbound kiss changes everything…

As part of the blog tour for Stolen Kisses with Her Billionaire Boss which was organised by Rachel’s Random Resources, we are excited to be able to share with you an extract from the novel below.

Hugo and Erin took advantage of an unexpected opportunity when a snowstorm stranded them at Harrington Park Hotel. Neither thinks they want anything permanent, but things are definitely heating up between them.

Riding the limo to the hotel and walking through the almost complete lobby, he was refreshed. Renewed. His old self. Ready to take on the world.

He sat at his desk and dived into the stack of papers in front of him. Then Erin walked in and a whoosh of desire burned through him, even as his heart did a funny flip.

The temptation was strong to rise and kiss her senseless, which not only confused him, it pushed him back to the place he was before, before he’d spoken with Jay. Filled with a need so intense—something that braided sexual desire, a longing for intimacy and a yearning to create something special with her—he stayed in his seat, dumbfounded.

“Good morning, Hugo.”

Her bright, chipper voice warmed his heart, which stuttered to a stop. She was gorgeous even in her jeans and T-shirt. Her kisses were sweet. Making love with her had been amazing…

But her friendship was important to him. And the hotel even more so. He had to get himself back on track.

He cleared his throat. “It’s Saturday. Though we took yesterday off, you know it would have been okay to come in late today.”

She shrugged. “I have that delivery plus a few other things to do. If I get through them all, I probably won’t have to come in tomorrow—Sunday. Sunday’s a better day off.”

His stuttering heart faltered even more. He used the same principle to get himself to go the extra mile, work harder, get things done.

His voice was thin and gruff when he said, “That’s fine. But don’t stay all day. I’m sure Noah would like more than a peek at you before bedtime.”

She took the seat in front of his desk. For a good thirty seconds she said nothing. Then she raised her gaze to Hugo’s and said, “Noah’s not home. Neither is my mom.” She paused as if letting that information sink in. “You know those Irish relatives I told you she was searching for?”

Confused, he nodded.

“She found them. They got her and Noah tickets to fly to Dublin where a gaggle of them are apparently going to pick her up and take her to their small town.”

He blinked. Not just because it seemed sudden that Marge had found her people and wanted time with them, but because he knew why Erin was unexpectedly nervous. She had no responsibilities at home for days. If he wanted, he could be with her every night that her little family was in Ireland.

His brain immediately said, Yes. But his throat tightened, and his chest froze. His conversation with Jay played in his head. If they both needed some fun, some stress relief in this final week before the grand opening, they could have days and nights together. Alone. Happy. And no one had to be any the wiser.

Their gazes held a few seconds more as all the possibilities rolled through him, luxurious dinners, passionate nights—

The want of it overwhelmed him and he couldn’t stop himself from saying, “So, does this mean we can have dinner at Alain Ducasse?”

Her eyes widened. “Are you kidding?”

He frowned. “I’m not sure if that’s a yes or a no.”

“I didn’t bring the clothes for it.”

Her hesitation brought the tiger back—the guy who didn’t let anything get in the way of what he wanted. Yes, he remembered that she had a child and that he might hurt her, but, as Jay said, this should be about fun.

For them both.

“I have a personal shopper who can get you anything you need.”

When she hesitated, he said, “Please. We’ve both worked so hard, I think we deserve a night.” A night. Two words that clarified his intentions. She would know what she was agreeing to.

She shook her head. “Okay. But only if I pay for the dress and shoes.”

A thrill raced through him. “You don’t have to—”

“I do. I always get myself a Christmas gift. So this will be it.”

Not giving her a chance to change her mind, he called his personal shopper to tell her Erin would be in touch. When he got off the call, he gave Erin her number. She left his office with his personal shopper’s info clutched in her hand.

Even as the joy of getting what he wanted filled him, nerves jumped in his stomach. The whole date had been arranged so simply one would have thought he could settle into work and forget it until time to pick her up at her flat.

But he’d never been so excited about taking someone to dinner. Never had this shaky feeling over knowing she could be his—all his—for two or three or even four days.

One day at a time. One invitation at a time.

As long as they were having fun. If it ever looked like she was getting serious when he wasn’t, he’d know to shut it off.

You can get a copy of Stolen Kisses with Her Billionaire Boss, here.

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