Liberation by Emma Eker is a powerful read

Liberation by Emma Eker is a powerful and thought-provoking read that will change you and the way you think. It will teach you how to thrive in the face of adversity.

Find your way. Find your freedom. A book for these times.

Framed by an incredibly moving and rousing story about entering rehab at the age of 28, Emma Eker’s debut Liberation is a story of breakdown to breakthrough and everything in between. This solution-based memoir, with its easily digestible teachings and guidance, will help the reader to forge a deeper connection with them-Selves and move through challenges and suffering. Liberation demonstrates that with a change of thinking we can relinquish all mental barriers and truly thrive.

Liberation allows the reader to free themselves from self-imposed and perceived external constraints. This book acts as a guide, helping an individual to move from surviving to thriving, from constriction to expansion, from judgement to acceptance, from impossible to I’m-possible. This book is about showing up as your very best Self and living your very best life. A must-read for these times.

Emma Eker’s own journey and experiences make Liberation a deeply personal debut. Raw and introspective it’s a book that will change everyone who reads it in some way. It’s full of solution-based ideas and is a guide for the reader to take a look at their own self and go from surviving to thriving. It makes the reader see that anything is possible, you just need to believe it. And with easy to follow guidance and advice, Liberation really does help you to change the way you think.

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