Legacy is a powerful thriller from Carole Hayman

Legacy is a powerful new thriller from Carole Hayman which is available to listen to on Audible and is narrated by Zara Ramm.

Carole Hayman is a Writer, Producer & Presenter. She was born in Kent, which has featured in her trilogy of novels, “The Warfleet Chronicles”. Her early work was with The Bristol Old Vic, The Royal Court and Traverse Theatres, from which she went on to become a founder member and first woman director of the Joint Stock Theatre Company. She was an Associate Director of The Royal Court Theatre, for which she directed many World Premieres.

Carole writes for radio, television and film. On the radio, she is well known as a writer of the Radio 4 hit series “Ladies of Letters” with Prunella Scales and Patricia Routledge, which has run for twelve series on radio and three series on ITV. She has written many other TV series and films, including The Refuge with Sue Townsend for Channel Four and Rides, the first-ever all-female TV drama, for BBC1.

She was a Research Fellow at Kings College London, where she conducted a study on Women and Serial Killers.

At a moment when powerful men everywhere are being exposed for their crimes, Celia receives an email out of the blue, accusing her ex-husband of committing a rape decades before. She feels compelled to investigate, but where should she even begin? Together with Carly, her millennial colleague at the Harland Herald, she revisits a past she thought she’d left behind, full of partying, drugs and free love. At the time, she’d thought she was at the centre of something – she’d been swept up in the maelstrom of the summer of love – but did she miss something rotten at its core? 

Legacy is a fascinating and gripping listen to, exploring two different attitudes to allegations of rape. Celia ex-wife of a Rockstar trying to piece together the hazy years of her married life. Along with her assistant, they try to uncover the past.

Taking a closer look at just how often women are disbelieved or discredited when reporting rape cases, Legacy explores this fairly and points out why it can happen and just why it should not happen. Zara Ramm’s narration of the story brings the characters to life. Celia is flawed and slightly unreliable when it comes to her memory of events. Zara manages to covey this while making her an extremely likeable character who you sympathise with.

You can get a download Legacy on Audible, here.

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