Tia Kofi Reopens London’s Dance Floors At Heaven Nightclub This Weekend

After 16 months of closure, the clubs in the UK are finally about to re-open, and Drag Race UK superstar Tia Kofi will open the dance floor at London’s legendary nightclub Heaven this Sunday night at midnight.

Just before, Tia will host a countdown for the crowd to herald the end of Covid 19 restrictions that have kept nightclubs closed for nearly a year and a half. Then the floor will be officially opened by Tia, allowing people to finally dance together again.

Tia released her debut single ‘Outside In’ in February of this year. The reaction to the track was phenomenal and now to celebrate the clubs reopening Tia is releasing a remixed version of her track ‘Look What You’ve Done’.

‘Look What You’ve Done’ is a collaboration with dance supergroup Cahill, and this new remix has been created by Shanghai Surprize, who have previously remixed massive stars such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera.

You can presave the new remix here!