ICED is the latest gripping novel by Felix Francis

ICED is the latest gripping novel by author Felix Francis. Felix studied Physics and Electronics at London University and then spent seventeen years teaching Advanced-Level Physics. The younger son of crime writer and National Hunt jockey Dick Francis, Felix assisted his father with both the research and writing of his novels in a father-and-son writing partnership. Since Dick’s death, Felix has written ten successful novels, the latest being Front Runner.

Miles Pussett is a former steeple chase jockey. Now he gets his adrenaline rush from riding down the Cresta Run, a three-quarter-mile Swiss ice chute, head first, reaching speeds of up to eighty miles per hour.

Finding himself in St Moritz during the same weekend as White Turf, when high-class horseracing takes place on the frozen lake, he gets talked into helping out with the horses. It is against his better judgement. Seven years before, Miles left horseracing behind and swore he would never return. 

When he discovers something suspicious is going on in the races, something that may have a profound impact on his future life, Miles begins a search for answers. But someone is adamant to stop him – and they’ll go to any lengths to do it . . . 

ICED is slightly different theme-wise from Felix Francis’s previous novels, but it’s still a riveting page-turner. Unlike prior releases the story is more of a slow burn that builds up, keeping you turning the pages. Switching from past to present also gave you a true insight into the characters mental health struggles which give the entire story depth and more layers to it.

ICED is out now via Simon and Schuster, you can get a copy here!

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