July Jones Returns With Emotional New Track ‘Air’

July Jones has released her new track, ‘Air’. An emotional song about personal battles with anxiety and mental health.

 She is an artist with an instantly distinctive look and a unique point of view. Her edgy electro-pop songs combine razor-sharp hooks with forward-thinking production choices and filter-free lyrics about relationships, queerness and mental health. “I’m queer and my partner is transgender, so for me it’s very important to speak about being LGBTQ.” She says.

July recently supported GIRLI on her UK tour and appeared on the cover of Gay Times, alongside attending their Gay Times Honours. She also attended the Attitude Awards 2021.

Explaining her latest track “Air”, July said: “Air is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. It talks about my battle with anxiety. Rather than just touching on the surface of mental health, it talks about how anxiety feels to me. Every time I feel anxious I feel like I can’t breathe, so hence why the name is Air. 

I think talking about mental health is really important, we’ve entered this stage on social media where everything is photoshopped. Social media portrays just the best versions of people’s lives, so it’s easy to feel like we’re alone with our mental health issues. But the truth is so many people suffer from it, and I really want to be upfront with it and open with my fans about the struggles I’ve faced. I know a lot of people will relate to this song and I couldn’t be more excited to release it!”

July has also announced that she will be releasing her debut mixtape ’Silly Little Dream Pt. 1’ on xxx, and ‘Air’ is one of the tracks off it.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Butterflies ft. GIRLI & Suzi Wu 

2. Aladdin 

3. Air 

4. Girls Can Do Anything

5. Steel 

Let us know what you think of July’s latest release at @tbhonest_uk!

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