Vocal coach Helene Horlyck to release her first E-Book, Just Sing!

Helene Horlyck, vocal coach, queen of motivational social media posts and singer has announced the release of her first E-Book, Just Sing!

Taking to her social media accounts to announce the news, Helene said “The book has been a long time coming. I am full of gratitude for this book-hoping it will help and inspire so many of you”

Just Sing!, which Helene has been working on for a while. She has occasionally posted updates on her socials about her progress writing the book. “ It’s for the mind. And it’s for the voice . Most of all it’s for YOU!”

The book will feature a foreward written by one of her current clients, Louis Tomlinson. Who she thanked in her book announcement “[Louis] has not only been supporting and encouraging me to get my methods and mindfulness into this book but he has also written a fantastic foreword which I can’t wait for you all to read.”

Helene has worked with Louis since the start of his career on X-Factor, and One Direction and has become a much-loved member of his team as a solo artist. Helping him get the best out of his voice for some of the biggest moments in his career so far, such as his record-breaking live stream, all his live performances and his upcoming world tour.

Helene also featured heavily in the documentary that was directed by Charlie Lightening which was released as part of Louis’s Away From Home Festival. Her clear love for Louis and her desire to see him do well endeared her to his fanbase, who also fell in love with her and her motivational and caring nature. Many of them reposted her social posts daily and thanked her for helping them.

You can pre-order the E-Book from Friday 10 December, and you can find out more about Helene and her fantastic career, here!

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