Mollie Mack Private Detective by Linda Dobinson is a fun and entertaining read for all ages

Mollie Mack Private Detective is the latest book by Linda Dobinson. Linda was born in Croydon but grew up in Barbados – endless sunshine and never too far from the beach. She has worked in fashion, the motor industry, and has been a PA.

In the 90s she picked up her pen and started writing poetry. Her work has appeared in poetry magazines, and for two successive years, she had poems selected for the anthologies Southern England and South-West England. Her second collection Encounter reached the top of Amazon’s poetry charts. Since then she has started writing middle-grade novels and has discovered that immersing herself in a plot is a great distraction from a pandemic. Her latest novel Mollie Mack Private Detective certainly has a great plot for readers to distract themselves with.

Mollie is excited!

She has been a private detective for six months, and FINALLY a BIG case has landed on her desk. If she solves it, it will make the papers and make her agency famous. She needs to give it her full attention; but she already has three cases she is working on. And when she gets an unexpected lead in her oldest case, she HAS to run with it.

Mollie Mack Private Detective is a fun read that will see readers of all ages content to pass an afternoon curled up reading Mollie’s adventures.

It’s a lovely read that keeps you guessing and really showcases Mollie’s skills as a detective and it would be such fun to read more of Mollie’s adventures in the future.

You can get a copy here!

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