Exclusive Extract: They Had Eyes of Silver by S E Davis

They Had Eyes of Silver is the first book in the Wulfin series by author S.E Davis. The book is a fantastic read that fans of Shifter novels will really enjoy. S.E Davis really takes the time to build up the world the characters live in so you really feel part of it. The main protagonists are extremely well written and have so many layers and depths to them it makes it very interesting to get to know them as they each have complex backstories which play out beautifully as the story unfolds.

A secret lineage. A family cursed. A forbidden love that can’t be denied.

Veterinarian Reina Kirke is exhausted. So, when her best friend suggests a European vacation, she doesn’t hesitate. A much-needed break and a chance to investigate her mysterious family tree sound perfect. Too bad she’s in no way prepared for what she finds. The fairytale town in Belgium hides family secrets grounded in the supernatural. Legends of werewolves and witches surround her, and a taboo love affair threatens to pull her into a danger she might not be able to handle.

What seems like a chance encounter with Blaise Woodward, a brooding hunk with his own secrets sets up a sequence of events that could unravel both of their families as they realize their deep connection to each other is generations old. But only one thing is certain. Their lives will never be the same..

Read on below for an exclusive extract from They Had Eyes of Silver.

The cold winds roared at the trees. It was a wind that made breathing difficult and tore at the skin with needle-sharp talons. An unforgiving wind that made the branches whip violently, their leaves flying into oblivion.

Within a slumbering town beneath hundreds of feet of earth and concrete, an ageless beast stirred, driven by hunger and vengeance. The desires reached outward, threading their way between cracks and crevices until finally reaching the night above.

Far from this threat, four wolves crested a hill, their eyes flashing gold and silver in the murk. The small grove of nearby trees offered little relief from the icy hands that pushed and pulled at the world and blanketed the plains with the scent of rain.

In the darkening afternoon, the wolves searched with acute senses, their minds extending, casting about for nearby dangers. Their hackles raised, not in fear but in a quivering restlessness and the savage promise of retaliation against their foe. Thunder rumbled and lightning flared a spider web of silver overhead. The golden-eyed brown wolf and the silver-eyed black wolf stepped forward together, growling out their challenge.

A god had awakened, an evil, vengeful god, who thrived on destruction. The earth trembled from his vehemence.

If you enjoy Shifter novels then this is one to add to your to-read list. You can get a copy of They Had Eyes of Silver here!

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