A Secret of Castles by Rachel Walkley is a fascinating and unpredictable read

A Secret of Castles is the latest release from author Rachel Walkley.

A Summer of Castles. A secret in ruins.

At the beginning of the sultry 2003 English summer, Robyn Yates quits her job to photograph fifteen castles for a man she’s never met. A man who won’t tell her his real name.

What motivates her is an unusual ability she can’t explain nor understand. Somebody does though and is keen to exploit her secret.

But Robyn isn’t alone on her journey. An artist is painting pictures of the same castles. Wherever she goes, so does he, like a stalker. But is he dangerous? And could this man be the same person who wants her photographs?

She decides to challenge him, never anticipating that the confrontation will change the path of both of their lives. The stifling summer will eventually end, but will Robyn find out the truth in time?

A Secret of Castles is a fascinating read. When you pick it up and read the blurb you form an opinion of how you think the story will pan out. Then you start reading and realise you were so wrong. It’s such a hard plot to unpick with so many twists and turns that it makes it a really interesting and compelling read.

You can get a copy here!

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