Go off the ‘Deep End’ with Stacey Ryan’s summery new track

‘Deep End’ is the latest release from 22-year-old Montreal singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Stacey Ryan.

Stacey created a worldwide sensation this year with Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk, offering up sage midsummer daydream advice to a sun-drenched pool of suitors who are about to get in the water over their heads, in her new track.

‘Deep End’ has been released via Decca/Island Records US follows up Stacey’s Fall In Love Alone, first released in May, a look at potentially unrequited love, knowing the other person has a hard time committing and hoping they don’t fall in love…alone. Her ever-evolving body of work continues to show the full extent of her songwriting powers and one-of-a-kind musical imagination. A classically trained jazz pianist who also plays guitar, bass, ukulele, and trumpet, she possesses an undeniable knack for lyrical storytelling, melodies that endlessly wander into unexpected places, and a singular sense of rhythm and song structure that wholly reflects her jazz background. 

“Deep End is one of my most fun and dance-ey songs and I’m so excited for it to be out with a little bit of summer left! I wrote it about telling someone to go live life a little before jumping into the figurative deep end with me. And it has the best pool party music video to accompany it! Can’t wait for you guys to listen.” – Stacey Ryan 

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