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Raye’s latest single ‘Black Mascara’ will blow you away

Raye is back with another top-notch track that will blow you away. ‘Black Mascara’ is a  captivating dance track which gives fans a taste of her long-awaited and eagerly anticipated debut album.

Paired alongside a hypnotic, pulsating dance beat, “Black Mascara” finds the artist reuniting with electronic songwriting and production duo Punctual is known for their remix of RAYE’s 2020 hit “Natalie Don’t” and collaborations with artists like Amber Mark, Armin van Buuren, and Years & Years.  

it’s been a year since RAYE posted a series of viral tweets that shed light not only on her own struggles but on the plight of female artists caught in an endless loop of faceless dance features and broken promises. Frustrated at the fact she’d been continually denied the chance to release her debut album by her then major label – despite more than 12 million monthly Spotify listeners, 7 top 20 UK singles, and 4 Brit Award nominations to her name, plus songwriting credits that have clocked more than 3.5 billion global streams for other chart-topping acts like Beyoncé, John Legend, Little Mix and Charli XCX to name only a few.

RAYE shares more about how a painful past experience inspired ‘Black Mascara’:

“This song is about another story that has contributed to my ‘blues’. I used the juxtaposition of an upbeat dance track to tell this awful story of being misled by someone I really loved and trusted. While it was a dark low moment, it was also cathartic for me. The lyric ‘once you see my black mascara run from me to my mother’s hands’ is me saying, ‘if only you could actually see the damage that’s been done.’

But I don’t want the story to end there, it’s meant to be empowering, to lend a voice to women like me who may have experienced their own blues in this 21st century. That’s what my album is about really – tackling all of those blues that we experience as a generation. Ironically, this is the only upbeat dance track on the album, but I used my voice this time to tell a raw unfiltered story.”

‘Black Mascara’ is out NOW on all streaming platforms!

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