Jump! by JG Nolan is a heartwarming and inspirational read

Jump! By JG Nolan and illustration by Carina Roberts is an inspirational and heartwarming read.

Robbie Blair is a talented young schoolboy who dreams of being a professional football player when he grows up. He possesses the necessary skills but unfortunately is also set apart from the pack by his tendency to break bones – lots of them!

When Robbie breaks his leg for the third time during an important trial he is resigned to the grim reality that his footballing dream is finally over.

But, is it over?

Jump! is a fantastic read. It makes you smile and makes you hope and believe that anything is possible. It’s a story that while aimed at children will resonate with adults too, as it warms your heart, makes you laugh and is an extremely lovely and well-written story. If you’ve ever wanted to be a footballer then this a story you need to read.

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