Having ‘Faith in the Future’ has paid off as Louis Tomlinson announces his new album

Louis Tomlinson has announced the title of his highly anticipated and eagerly awaited second album, ‘Faith in the Future’.

Posting on his social media Louis thanked fans for “allowing” him to “make the music I want to make”. He also stated he’d been “living with” the album for a while.

The first single to be released from ‘Faith in the Future’ will be released tomorrow and is called ‘Bigger than Me’, a track that Louis said in an interview with Golden Discs is “It’s almost a coming of age for myself and putting opinions about myself to the back of my mind and thinking about what it potentially means for other people.” I’ve always strived to be a very normal, humble person in this life, but there’s a line to that and a responsibility that comes from being in this position. I realised from doing those live shows what it means to my fans and how everything I do is bigger than me.”

‘Faith in the Future’ will have 14 tracks with a deluxe edition which features two more additional tracks.

His recent sold-out world tour saw thousands of fans clambering to watch unofficial live streams of his shows on social media.

Within minutes of the album announcement, Louies had crashed Louis’s merch site, with at one point the online queue for the site showing there was over 28,000, showing once again just how in demand he is an artist and how music lovers cannot wait to hear his new music.

You can pre-order ‘Faith in the Future’, here! It will be released on 11th November!

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